Coaching its customers

Coaching its customers

In the datacentre field, more than elsewhere, the key subject which keeps cropping up is the level of commitments and the capacity to hold them. Both in our Audit & Consultancy and project support the developers or Implementation assignments, we are at our customers' side to help them to qualify the right level of commitments and the resources to meet them: whether our customers are datacentre operators or users.

As regulations, technologies and usage changes, we have adapted our operations and we have been able to develop new services:

  • From Basel II to Basel IV for the Bank and Insurance sphere,
  • changes in ICPE (Installations Classées pour la Protection de l’Environnement – Environmental Protection Installations),
  • for the birth and development of Virtualisation, the Cloud and Big Data,
  • for the sharing but also confidentiality of Health data etc.

All these changes and their acceleration sometimes requires battling systematically against the “copy-and-paste” which many practice for the sake of convenience.

This is how we have developed:

  • agile solutions for managing ICPE obligations when these have a high impact on datacentres,
  • easy usage solutions to detect and control the energy consumption of existing datacentres: Datacentre Initiative ®,
  • operational risk audit methodologies,
  • tools to analyse the capacity scalability of existing datacentres,
  • smart urban planning solutions for computer rooms,
  • very high density solutions,
  • multi-tiering solutions,
  • solutions reducing server consumption.