Energetic efficiency

Energetic efficiency

This is a subject where Atrium Data has been a trailblazer, since its managers were keen to find solutions to the problem that they had identified as long ago as 2004.

Reducing energy consumption has become an issue and a key objective for organisations. We can help you respond to this without compromising your service continuity.

 Among the expected savings from controlling your energy efficiency are:

  • A reduction in your operational costs
  • An increase in your IT capacity
  • A reduction in your carbon footprint
  • Control of your capacity plan

Our audit and consultancy activities for energy efficiency hinge around the following services:

Energy performance audit

The main objective is to draw up a status report of your level of energy performance, and to identify the short, medium and long-term avenues for improvement with the expected economic, capacity and environmental savings.

We based ourselves on the main benchmark energy indicators such as PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and CUE (Carbon Usage Effectiveness).

This audit can be incorporated into a more general service with an assessment of your current level of availability and your operational risks.

We can take all of your needs into account, including performing ventilation studies (CFD simulation).

Support for signing up to the EU Code of Conduct for Datacentres

Since 2010, Atrium Data has been accredited by the European Union as an Endorser of the Code of Conduct for Datacentres.

The European code of conduct for datacentres gives a list of good practice for the improvement of datacentre energy performance, which is related to the management and control of the datacentre, to IT equipment and services, to the building, to the power supply and cooling system.

We support our customers in their certification procedures, to obtain approval as a “Participant” in the code, from the audit and analysis phase up to the issuing of the certificate.