Service Continuity and Operational Risk Audit

Service Continuity and Operational Risk Audit

You need to make your business secure and anticipate risks in order to control them.

Risks external to the datacentre

Before investing, ensure that the site is appropriate for a datacentre. We carry out analyses of natural, environmental, social and regulatory risks for you.

If your datacentre already exists, we will warn you if needed about this type of risk and see what remedies are possible.

Security risks

The security of your sites requires various levels of access control, CCTV, and anti-intrusion protection from the public domain up to the inside of your building, depending on your imperatives and your commitments. We carry out diagnostics and make relevant recommendations in this regard, taking account of your operating procedures which are directly linked to the effectiveness of the solutions.

Facilities security risks

The security of your facilities depends on detection, control and extinguishing systems: fire detection and extinguishing, alarm reports and intervention process, calorific load, etc. We ensure the consistency of the means and procedures implemented and the condition of systems.

Operational risks for electrical and cooling installations

We analyse the design, power supply and distribution and look to see if there are any SPOFs: Single Points of Failure, and propose solutions to remedy these.

Risks related to the organisation and management operations and maintenance

We specifically target all risks linked to humans, in all its aspects.

Our method enables you to benefit from a synthetic view of your level of exposure to risk.

We provide you with our advice and recommendations with short, medium and long-term actions. The tour which we provide you will enable you to monitor the development of your level according to the actions undertaken.

This service can be incorporated into a wider study of your hosting strategy: studying your resilience model with several sites, evaluating the actual availability of your facilities and qualification of the Tiering level.

This service can also be carried out, on your behalf, on any external site where you are hosted.