Datacentre Initiative Programme

Datacentre Initiative Programme

Datacentre Initiative®: A program to improve the energy efficiency of Datacenters

Initiated in France in partnership with the ADEME (Agence française de l’Environnement et Maîtrise de l’Énergie – French Environment and Energy Management Agency), this programme allows existing sites as well as new sites to be addressed.

A monitoring centre of international scope

One of the objectives is the collection of data from French and international Datacentres in one single point of reference, so as identify good practice in design, operation and functioning, in relation to environmental conditions and for the benefit of all members of the programme.

Why this programme?

  • Datacentres represent a key global energy and ecological issue
  • There is no solution to compare and identify the best solutions within a global performance strategy
  • Organisations currently need to control their consumption and their ecological footprint
  • The potential energy and economic benefits are considerable

Main expected benefits:

  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Ongoing management of performance
  • Help in general design and rooms design (Optimising what exists or creating new centres)
  • Establishing a shared knowledge base