The Datacenter a key territory structuring role
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The Datacenter a key territory structuring role

The title of this document reflects the conclusion of the discussion and contact work carried out by Atrium Data in numerous areas in France concerning the opportunity to have Datacentres intended both for the needs of the private sector and those of the public sector.

The founding elements of this discussion

  1. A Datacentre’s essential function is to secure sensitive information systems..
  2. Currently all public sector entities have sensitive information systems.
  3. These entities may wish to have the ability to use a local Datacentre in order, among other things, to strengthen the security of their IS, knowing that they do not have the skill internally to operate a Datacentre.
  4. SMEs have a growing need to secure their IS. This is true for existing companies throughout the country. And for companies or organisations who are planning to relocate, the existence of a Datacentre within the area has become a key distinguishing element.

 The conclusions of this discussion

  1. The installation of this type of tool cannot call on public investment but come under a private initiative, as the public sector is only a user alongside private users.
  2. To enhance the reliability of the project, an opportunity study conducted with the key players in IT in the public sector and private sector of the area should be carried out in order to be over to establish the right format and schedule for the planned Datacentre.
  3. The Datacentre should meet redundancy, power and network connectivity requirements desired by users but also to their way of working (pooled spaces and dedicated spaces). It should also be designed to better meet the increase in load and also avoid overinvestment which could harm its economic performance.
  4. In the same vein, the Datacentre should offer tariffs that are suitable for user capacities according to their needs. Energy performance being a key factor in economic performance.
  5. There are therefore grounds to be able to offer Datacentres of a size limited to local needs while being especially high performance from a technical and proposed price point of view.
  6. A Datacentre can be a catalyst in creating jobs in IT services companies, as it is a catalyst for the profitability of fibre-optic networks produced by local authorities directly or through a public service delegation.
  7. Network coverage with Local Datacentres plays a role in enhancing global security.